• Villa Group Timeshare
    Timeshare Review – Why Villa Group Timeshare is a Great Option: Investing in buying a vacation property can be a scary business, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is very sensible therefore, to scrutinize the credentials of the company that is selling you the property and…

Timeshare and travel tips

Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare

So you’re looking into timeshares as a vacation option, and you’ve been told by someone, somewhere, that you should think about avoiding the Villa Group… After all, why else would you end up on this page? Well, if you have Read more…

Villa Group Membership

Did you ask yourself this question when you first purchased your Villa Group membership in Mexico? How often do you find yourself in conversations with friends who are always asking about your vacation travels, but you really don’t know how Read more…

recognizing a timeshare scam

This week’s guest blogger is Pete Reeves from timeshareassistance.org. This article shows great insight into how you can protect yourself from stress and hardship by recognizing a timeshare scam from the get-go. Recognizing a Timeshare Scam Being knowledgeable about what’s Read more…

Premier Hotels in Cancun

Are you looking for recommendations for premier hotels in Cancun? If you are, then there is great news as Villa del Palmar is one of the top premier hotels in Cancun, Mexico. Villa del Palmar is a 5-star resort in Read more…

cancel mexican timeshare

When you think about established timeshare companies, you can’t help but think about Mexico, which ranks as the number two spot for having a large amount of timeshare developers selling vacation club and timeshare memberships. Locations like Cancun, Cozumel, Los Read more…

cancel a villa del palmar timeshare

Despite the fact that cancelling a timeshare is difficult, there are a number of reasons why people sometimes wish to cancel a Villa del Palmar timeshare. Why do you want to cancel a Villa del Palmar timeshare? Divorce Divorce is Read more…

Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Are you one of those people that seems unable to find a suitable vacation within your budget, but have friends that always appear to be vacationing in amazing resorts in Mexico? If the answer is yes, maybe they know something Read more…



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