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Vacations to Mexico

One of the reasons that scams related to vacations to Mexico are common is that the country is such a fabulous place to visit for a romantic getaway or family vacation. Precisely because this country offers such amazing vacation opportunities, Read more…

Timeshare Refunds and Recovery Scams

Unfortunately, timeshare scams and other timeshare related scams are more complex than ever. It seems that the scammers are using any means to trap innocent people, which is why it is hard to believe the extent of lying they will Read more…

recognizing a timeshare scam

This week’s guest blogger is Pete Reeves from timeshareassistance.org. This article shows great insight into how you can protect yourself from stress and hardship by recognizing a timeshare scam from the get-go. Recognizing a Timeshare Scam Being knowledgeable about what’s Read more…

timeshare scam

Despite what most people think about timeshares, there are still a lot of great timeshare companies out there that offer quality services and deal honestly with their clients.  So, if you were to define the ideal timeshare company, it would Read more…

Villa Group Timeshare

We live in a world where people are on a lawsuit craze just “because.” Many are succumbing to the urgency to sue other individuals, companies, and even the government. Because of the popularity of lawsuits, many companies are springing up Read more…

Beware the scammers who are about during the hot summer months and target holidaymakers and travelers alike. The warm weather tends to remove everyone’s guard as you want to enjoy your holiday. The scammers prey on unsuspecting individuals who may Read more…

Villa Group Timeshare VDP Puerto Vallarta

Investing in buying a vacation property can be a scary business, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is very sensible therefore, to scrutinize the credentials of the company that is selling you the property and Read more…



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