Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Do you know when is the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas? To be honest, any time of the year is a perfect time to visit Cabo. The coastal destination is located on the Baja California Sur’s southern tip and enjoys wonderful weather year-round. That way, you can enjoy a Cabo vacation anytime of the year since the climate will be great. As a result, you and your loved ones can enjoy plenty of activities during your stay. Wondering where to book your accommodation? Check out the Villa del Palmar Los Cabos or the Villa La Valencia if you need a wonderful place to stay during your getaway. Part of the Villa Group, both resorts are highly regarded for comfortable accommodations and top amenities. Meanwhile, keep reading below to learn about the seasons in Cabo San Lucas, so you can decide what time of the year you want to visit Cabo.

What Months Are Best to Go to Cabo San Lucas?

To begin with, many people consider the months between November through May to be the best time to first Baja. This time period is regarded as the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas, because in most areas of North America it is very cold and snowing. However, coastal towns in Mexico have a mild winter with sunny and warm weather. In fact, the area receives hardly any precipitation at all during these months. The winter is the high season for vacationers to come to Mexico so you can expect more crowds of people who also want to enjoy the great weather.. Want to be active? Cabo has amazing hiking and mountain biking trails for fit travelers who want to enjoy being outdoors and having some fun, too. In addition, Christmas and New Year’s weeks and Easter/spring break are especially popular times for people to visit Mexico.

The arch of Cabo San Lucas

  • Cabo San Lucas Summer Vacations

If during the summer months is when you want to vacation in Cabo, you need to know that the weather is very warm. Los Cabos has nice weather all year round, but in the summer months and early fall it can be very hot and humid in Cabo. The area has stunning desert scenery and usually has a dry climate. However, you can expect some rainfall during the summer months as well. In June, the weather is the warmest and the temperature is approximately 81 degrees on average. In addition, the summertime in Mexico is also hurricane season until October or so. Thankfully, the mountains that are nearby Los Cabos tend to protect the city from serious damage, so you don’t need to be afraid of visiting at that time. Plus, it’s less expensive to visit Cabo during the summer. Airfare tends to be more affordable, and resort stays will cost less as well.

  • Activities to Do by Season in Cabo San Lucas

From December through March, the annual migration of humpback whales occurs so it’s a great time to go whale watching in Cabo. This is when the humpback whales will migrate to the warmer waters to mate, then birth their babies. You may see the baby humpback whales during the latter part of the season swimming with their momma. In addition, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular Cabo activities all year long. During the month of April is when the water is warmer to comfortably enjoy water activities. During the summer months in Cabo, it is also sea turtle hatching season. Each year, literally thousands of Olive Ridley Sea turtles will lay their eggs on Cabo beaches. You can even volunteer to help release the baby sea turtles back to the seas as local conservation groups regularly collect the sea turtle eggs at night to protect them from predators.

As you can see, any time of the year is a great time to enjoy a Cabo vacation. If you enjoy hot weather, then the summer months are ideal as it’s more affordable to visit then and there aren’t large crowds. In addition, the winter months are another great time to visit because that’s when Cabo has many different cultural activities. In January, is when you can see the humpback whales, but it is still warm during the days so you can enjoy water activities. If you are still needing a wonderful place to stay on your Cabo vacation, then contact Villa del Palmar Los Cabos or Villa La Valencia. They are both wonderful resorts with outstanding accommodations, amenities, and services. Plus, they also have a quality vacation club membership if you want to always travel with the best. Contact them today to book your getaway to Baja!