New Flight from Spain to Cabo

New Flight from Spain to Cabo

Cabo has long been a favorite destination for North Americans. National visitors from Mexico, as well as Americans and Canadians love visiting Cabo for relaxing vacations. Located on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur peninsula, the area has incredible desert scenery, an excellent climate, and magnificent Sea of Cortez views. There is something for everyone to do in Cabo. Whether you want to partake in kitesurfing or paddleboarding, hiking or mountain biking, you can stay active in Baja all year long. In addition to a vast variety of outdoor activities, there are also excellent restaurants, world class shopping, and more. With a new direct flight scheduled to begin service in summer 20022 on Iberojet airlines from Madrid to Cabo, now more Europeans can quickly visit Cabo for a wonderful vacation in Mexico. Keep reading more to learn about the new flight from Spain to Cabo coming soon.

New Flight from Spain to Cabo

Currently, Iberojet is a Spanish charter airline that offers both short and long-haul flights out of Spain and Portugal since 2013. Owned by Barceló Viajes, Iberojet was bought by Barceló Group in 2013 following the collapse of Orizonia Corporation. In 2022, the airline presently has their headquarters located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Recently, a new flight from Madrid, Spain to Los Cabos will be available soon via Iberojet airline. The projected schedule will allow for connections to make travel easier for vacationers. The flight will likely leave Madrid at 2pm in the afternoon in order to make it easier for visitors from other parts of Europe to connect. For example, flights from France, Italy, and various destinations in Spain will be able to connect in Madrid to fly directly to Los Cabos. The 12 hour and 15 minute flight will arrive in Mexico at 7pm in the evening.

  • How to Book Your Flight

Do you live in Europe and want to visit Mexico to get to know the beautiful country in person? If so, the time has come! Although the new flight from Madrid to Los Cabos won’t be in service until June 2022, you can book your flight now. Visit Iberojet’s official website Iberojet today to check out fares and schedules. The new flight will use a new generation of Airbus 350 – 900 with top quality in-flight conditions and comforts. There will be seating available for 432 passengers on each flight from Madrid to Los Cabos. Estimates from Tourism companies in Spain project that more than 8,000 tourists from Europe will visit Los Cabos, Mexico on the new flight.

  • Where to Stay in Cabo

As far as finding the best accommodations in Baja, Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa La Valencia are wonderful places to stay. If you want a family-friendly vacation experience head to Villa del Palmar Cabo. Also, Villa La Valencia is perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner. Both resorts are owned and operated by the Villa Group Resorts. The award winning resort provider has nearly 40 years of experience and dedication in the resort industry. Vacationers really love the comfortable accommodations, world class amenities, superior services, and attentive staff. Some of the top amenities include multiple pools, jacuzzis, a Spa, Fitness Centers, and delicious onsite restaurants. Also, all Villa Group Resorts are located on the beachfront so it’s easy to walk to the beach. Also, COVID safety measures have been added to keep everyone safe. Plus, low cost travel packages are available now so contact the Villa Group today!

If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Baja, check out the Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa La Valencia. Both resorts are owned and operated by the prestigious Villa Group Resorts that have decades of proven experience in the resort industry. Beachfront suites are comfortable, amenities are top quality, and the onsite services are really wonderful. If you want to enjoy an all-inclusive travel experience in Mexico, contact Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa La Valencia today. Right now, special discounts are available that won’t last forever. For vacationers planning to visit Mexico from Europe in summer 2022, Iberojet flights from Madrid to Los Cabos can be booked on the official website. Don’t forget to book your accommodations with the Villa Group Resorts, too!

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