What is a Kermes in Mexico

What is a Kermes in Mexico

What are Mexican kermes? Have you heard the word kermes in the past? In the fourteenth century in Brussels, the first kermesses parade celebration occurred. Today, a traditional festival is similar to a carnival that has fun games, delicious foods, and so much more. Many of the churches and schools in Mexico regularly host a Kermes. For the event, they invite the community to come out and enjoy a day of fun so various different fund raisers can be supported. Kermes is a celebration that is fun and exciting, and it is very similar to a carnival. There are many different activities and games you can enjoy at a kermes in Mexico. If you want to visit Mexico in person, book your stay at Villa Group Resorts. They have 10 luxury resorts in the country’s top destinations. Meanwhile, read below to learn what are Mexican kermes.

What is a Kermes in Mexico?

Are you planning of taking a fun vacation to Mexico soon? If so, when you are visiting Mexico, make sure you experience a traditional Mexican Kermes. Usually, you purchase tickets that you can use to buy foods, drinks, and games. The reason you buy tickets versus using money is it create the feeling of being in a different city to enhance the experience. Usually, a Mexican Kermes is held outdoors, and they always have plenty of authentic Mexican foods, drinks, desserts, and snacks. Some of the favorite treats are the cotton candy and churros. If you didn’t already know, churros are a delicious pastry that has been deep fried, then cinnamon and sugar is put on top. You will also see elotes, which are corn cobs that have been boiled, then mayo or cream is put on them, and cheese is sprinkled on it along with some spicy pepper.

  • Kermes Mexico. Activities and Games

Wondering what kind of games are played at a traditional Mexican kermes? Mexican Kermes will have many different games for visitors to play. For instance, marbles (canicas), loteria, fishing, balloon popping, and horse races are a very of the most common games. Likewise, children will love playing a wide variety of games at the different booths. Occasionally, they have marriage booths that couples can take photos pretending that they just got married. Make sure you play all the games at a Mexican Kermes. They usually also provide live music and folkloric dancing, too. They also have mule riding, mariachi singers, and tequila tasting for adults. It’s sure to be a fun day for the whole family!

  • Mexican Kermes Celebrations

Along with the traditional snacks and desserts, the Mexican Kermes provides traditional dishes if you want to enjoy a full meal, too. For example, some of the most common food dishes are tacos, tamales, menudo, enchiladas, and pozole. At traditional Mexican Kermes celebrations, the diversity of Mexican dishes is always available. For instance, enchiladas came from the Northeastern area of Mexico, and in the Yucatan Peninsula “cochinita pibil” (pork meat) was started, then from Jalisco pozole originated from. You will want to make sure you try as much as you can sample as many of the traditional foods at Mexican Kermes celebrations.

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