Common Timeshare Problems

Common Timeshare Problems

If common sense and clear thinking are applied then it can be easy to sidestep common timeshare problems. Most timeshare problems arise because owners are not familiar with the rules of their timeshare club or didn’t read their contract thoroughly enough.

A sound piece of advice when looking to avoid timeshare problems is to read your contract carefully. If possible you might also want to read it twice, just to be sure, because most of the problems reported in the first year are caused by lack of awareness. All timeshare companies should provide you with their rules and regulations and, as such, you should also read them thoroughly. By doing this you should be able to avoid having a timeshare problem at all.

Paying your maintenance fees on time will help you to avoid some of the most costly and inconvenient timeshare problems. One timeshare problem which arises from failing to pay maintenance fees is the inability to make use of your timeshare. In fact you won’t be able to stay at your timeshare until your payments are up-to-date. Failure to pay any maintenance is likely to end in legal action. This is not a common timeshare problem but one that is easy to avoid.

To avoid the timeshare problem of being unable to get the resort and dates than you want, you should book well in advance! Make sure you reserve your timeshare unit in plenty of time, before you buy your plane tickets, to avoid disappointment. Finally, if you have any problems while staying, such as broken furniture, then you should report them as soon as possible to ensure your vacation investment is protected for the future. Don’t suffer in silence if you experience a timeshare problem; speak up and get it sorted!

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