How to have the Best Day Out on the Islands of Loreto

Islands of Loreto

North Americans love to escape to the Islands of Loreto, Mexico for its visual appeal and culture. Those who are fond of nature are sure to appreciate the many sites and wonders found on these islands. Although there is much to do while visiting the Islands of Loreto in Baja, California in Mexico you might want to consider these activities in order to have the best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Loreto’s Farmers Market

This market is not your average fruit and vegetables store. Located north of Loreto in Mimar, this market is known for high quality fruit and vegetables that can not be found in other supermarkets. You can also shop for cuts of meat, clothing, arts and crafts, and souvenirs while you’re there for your best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Parque Marino Nacional Bahía de Loreto (Loreto National Marine Park)

You won’t want to miss this attraction while having your best day out on the Islands of Loreto! The Loreto National Marine Park contains a lovely collection of flora and marine life that makes for a very entertaining underwater art show. It is recommended you schedule a tour of this park in the early hours of the day.

Cool Cave Art

Not much information is known about the cave paintings found near the Islands of Loreto. All that is known is the paintings were made around 1500 years ago, and they are UNESCO-protected. If you are a fan of ancient art, this is a must see.

Whale Watching

Join a boat tour and get ready to see some of the most magnificent water creatures around. If you are on the Islands of Loreto during the winter months, you can get a chance to schedule a fishing or whale watching trip. The best months of the year see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is between December and mid-March.

Non-Motorized Water Sports

There are a variety of non-motorized sports to help you pass the time away while having your best day out on the Islands of Loreto. You can go kayaking, diving, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and more when you make these adventures a part of your best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Beach Life

Playa Coyotes and Playa La Perla are two of the most frequently visited islands of Loreto. You can also visit Isla Danzante which is 2.5 miles away from Loreto and can be reached by kayak or through north Loreto to Conception Bay. No matter which beach you visit, you will love the beautiful scenery as you pass time away.

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[…] Islands of Loreto provides floating on the Sea of Cortez where visitors can watch beautiful schools of fish swimming along with many other marine life. Visitors will be able to see colorful reefs while floating on their rafts because the waters are crystal clear. When you have finished floating on the Sea of Cortez, then you can start enjoying above water activities and dining is one of the most popular as visitors can order the catch-of-the-day, which is fresh or delicious chocolate clams that were invented in the Islands of Loreto. […]

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