Protect yourself from Summer Scams

Protect yourself from Summer Scams

Beware the scammers who are about during the hot summer months and target holidaymakers and travelers alike. The warm weather tends to remove everyone’s guard as you want to enjoy your holiday. The scammers prey on unsuspecting individuals who may be in unfamiliar locations and are susceptible to a number of scams. Below are some of the more popular scams that are taking place.

Hotel Check-In Summer Scams

You arrive at your hotel late at night, tired and check in at the desk as normal and go to your room. You may be getting ready to go to bed when you receive a call claiming to be from the hotel reception saying that there has been problem with your credit card. You are asked to confirm the details or even give details of an alternative card, which you do because you are tired and worn out and want to go to bed. In the morning you check with the desk and find out it was not them that made the call the previous night. You have been scammed and the scammers have been able to use your card during the night.

Meal Delivery Scams

Sometimes you arrive at your vacation destination tired and late at night. You may feel like something to eat before you go to bed. Pushed under the door is a flyer advertising late night food delivery service. You give the number a call and order your food and are asked to pay for it by credit card as they do not accept cash on delivery. You assume everything is above board. You wait and wait but your food does not arrive. You ring the number again but get no reply. The scammers have had plenty of time to use your card details to make various purchases in your name.

Rental Accommodation Scams

Advertised in local papers or on a non vetted classified website, last minute summer vacation rentals are seen as a bargain. Some are genuine but others will ask you to pay your rental up front using a wire money transfer as they won’t accept a credit card. When you arrive at your rental, you will find no welcoming party and in fact there will be someone already in your property or the address you have been given is a derelict house or even an empty parking lot. You have been scammed and the scammers are off enjoying spending your money.

Wi-Fi Scams

Wi-Fi is usually freely available in holiday locations in bars, restaurants and public places. It may be free, but be aware; it may not always be secure. Scammers set up phony networks and are able to monitor your email accounts or even access your online banking details.

Short Changing

This scam is usually perpetrated by the likes of taxis drivers and shop assistants. They will take your money but quickly drop a smaller bill in the car or on the counter and then suggest you have not given them enough money or they will give you change for the smaller note. The best way to counter this is to make sure you say how much money you are giving them when you hand the note over.

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