Is Villa del Palmar a Scam?

Is Villa del Palmar a Scam?

There is little reason to ask the question: Is Villa del Palmar a scam? You just need to take a look a the thousands of customer reviews on TripAdvisor and other travel websites to know that the Villa del Palmar brand is not a scam.

Villa del Palmar is the name of a chain of resorts developed and operated by the Villa Group Resorts. Villa del Palmar resorts are open to both hotel guests and timeshare owners in a variety of locations Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Loreto and Puerto Vallarta. The question of whether Villa del Palmar is a scam is more often related to the timeshare division, nevertheless, the answer is the same – there is no chance that Villa del Palmar is a scam.

When is Villa del Palmar a Scam?

When you purchase a Villa del Palmar timeshare or vacation membership from the Villa Group while present at the Villa del Palmar resort, you are in no danger of being involved in a timeshare scam. However, if you are seemingly sold a Villa del Palmar timeshare in a location outside of the resort, you are in danger of being hooked into a scam. Today, these kinds of scams are less common, but there have been cases where tourists are “sold” timeshare at highly reputable timeshare resorts, such as Villa del Palmar, by agents who are not authorized in offices outside of the resorts. These fraudsters pretend to be representing the timeshare resorts but offer false contracts, charging high deposits before tourists realize that they cannot make a reservation at their timeshare because their membership does not exist.

Is resale at Villa del Palmar a Scam?

Villa del Palmar do not have any influence over the resale market and timeshare owners who wish to sell their timeshare membership do so at their own risk. Likewise, buying a Villa del Palmar resale is also not free of its scams. If in doubt, check with Villa del Palmar to ensure that the resale you are buying is a genuine and valid membership without any arrears in maintenance fees. There have been some resale scams that occur which leave buyers unable to use the timeshare membership they have bought because the previous owners did not pay their maintenance fees.

The good point of the story however, is that purchasing directly from Villa del Palmar is not a scam. Avoid resales and agents who do not operate on site at the resort and you are in no danger of a Villa del Palmar scam.

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