5 Things that could wreck your vacations

5 Things that could wreck your vacations

Disasters can strike anytime and sometimes ironically, while you’re on your marvelous vacation trip. It’s hard to imagine that it can happen after all the anticipation and careful planning to make your vacation a reality. Here are five things that could wreak havoc on your vacations and the recommended course of actions you can take.

You became a victim of a robbery gang

Tourists like you are the favorite prey of petty criminals. They look at you as a pot of gold where they can amass a considerable amount of wealth. In extreme cases, vacationers might be held up and all their money, jewelry and other valued belongings are taken away from them. If you happen to be in a situation like this, give what they demand. Usually they are only after your money or anything of value. Once they have it, they’ll quickly scamper away and never to be seen again. Don’t put up any resistance, it may be your life that’s at stake here. Immediately report the incident to the authorities, so follow up operations can be made. If the stars are in your favor, they can be caught and you’ll get back whatever was taken away from you. Be brave to fight off the trauma and let it be a learning experience for you.

Sudden illness like a heart attack or a heatstroke

You know yourself more than any other person on earth. If you have a medical condition, you must slow down on things you like to do but can cause considerable damage to your health. If you have a heart condition, avoid tiring yourself out, or if you’re not used to feeling hot, then avoid too much exposure to high temperatures outside. Get away from things that can be a trigger to your medical ailments. Being away from home can mean no one is readily there to give a caring hand, so you must assume responsibility for your actions and overall health. When you feel uncomfortable, seek medical help as soon as possible. Your life is more precious than a short, fun filled vacation.

You meet an accident somewhere along the way

It’s hard when you are involved in serious accidents when you are far and away from your loved ones or family. Tropical vacationers like divers, sometimes encounter unwanted situations under water. They can hurt themselves while exploring the beauty of the seas and often times, it can be life threatening. When you plan active adventures, be sure you are not venturing alone, take a buddy. These are the people who can help you in real time and can literally save your life on the spot. If you find yourself in the hospital, immediately contact your family back home to let them know what is happening.

Natural disasters like a hurricane or earthquake

When you feel the earth shaking, don’t go out and panic. As a traveler, you must be aware of the best things to do during this kind of situation. Arm yourself with the knowledge through reading books or surfing the internet. A knowledgeable person can get out of harm’s way in a variety of successful ways. Listen and pay attention to what authorities say during times of natural disaster because they are more likely to know and understand the bigger picture.

Thwarted plans

Even before you arrived at your destination place, I’m sure you already mapped out plans on what you’re going to do to fully enjoy your vacation. Some of these might never materialize and will bring you feelings of unfulfillment. For example, your anticipated hiking to the highest mountain was cancelled due to bad weather. This can kill your mood and excitement after shopping for the best gear for this hiking adventure. Broaden your mind and think outside the box for alternative options. Think creatively and see what life lessons have been put in your way instead. Don’t let this particular letdown totally wreck your overall vacation.

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