Villagroup’s Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Resorts

Villagroup’s Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Resorts

Villa Group’s Cabo San Lucas timeshare resorts include two incredible hotels: Villa del Arco and Villa del Palmar Cabo, both of which represent the quality and elegance of the award-winning Villa Group brand.

Cabo San Lucas

The Baja Peninsula is one of the most beautiful and wonderful parts of Mexico, and the Los Cabos area of the peninsula is one of the hottest tourist spots to be found. The tourist industry has really changed this area, and nothing shows this more than the change in the town of Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas used to be a small, sleepy fishing village and these days fishing is still a big thing, but it’s of the extreme, sporting variety. The tourist trade has transformed that small village into the Cabo San Lucas of today; a bustling, vibrant town that offers the best of everything to tourists and A-listers alike!

Cabo san Lucas is the perfect base from which to see the outstanding natural beauty of the Baja Peninsula. Here you can catch marlin, tuna or even swordfish, and if you’re lucky you might even see some gray whales. These giants of the sea come to the warm waters of Baja California to bear their young. The playful and joyous nature of these gentle giants will really remind you that spending time with your family is the key to happiness on vacation.

The Villa Group has long been considered one of the most reputable and popular timeshare resort brands in Mexico when it comes to vacation accommodation and timeshare provision.

These two resorts can be found in Cabo san Lucas, and they really live up to the hype.

Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas Timeshare

The Villa del Palmar brand is one of the most popular that the Villa Group offers its timeshare members, and this resort is one of the best in Cabo San Lucas, especially if you have kids! It has two wonderful pools, one of which pours water into the other from above, and the beachfront pool has a huge slide for kids to enjoy. The resort also offers first class accommodations, fine dining venues and shares an award-winning spa with its neighboring resort, Villa del Arco.

Villa del Palmar Cabo Timeshare from Kristen Holmes on Vimeo.

Villa del Arco

The Villa del Arco is the perfect tropical paradise; framed by white sand and glittering seas and boasting five star accommodations and facilities to boot! When staying in the Villa del Arco you can be sure you’ll get top-notch service and non-stop luxury. You’ll even be waited on by attendants while you laze on the stunning El Medano Beach.

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