Always Write a Hotel Review

Always Write a Hotel Review

Everyone has at some point been there. We are going to a destination that we have never been to before and we would enjoy getting a review and feedback about the destination from people who have already been there. This would assist us on deciding if we wanted to stay at that particular hotel. Everyone looks at the website for the hotel to see what it looks like and what the hotel provides, but only a previous guest can provide information that is behind-the-scenes. Knowing this, it is important for everyone to always write a hotel review. You will be paying it forward for guests who arrive after you and who is searching for information about the hotel that isn’t stated by the hotel.

Below are a few top reasons why everyone should always write a hotel review:


Staff Members Recognition

If you had a fantastic experience at the hotel and one of the staff member or maybe the entire staff was very helpful, then it is important that you write a hotel review so the hotel knows how great a staff member or the entire staff was. The staff member or entire staff may get a bonus, a raise, or given a reward because of your hotel review. If someone went that extra mile for you so your stay was better, then you can pay it forward by writing a hotel review about the staff member.

Helping other travelers

One of the best way you can assist other travelers is by leaving an honest feedback about your hotel stay. Once you have stayed at a hotel, then you have the proper knowledge that other travelers will appreciate and won’t find on the hotel’s website. You can write on how you can adjust the thermostat and which restaurant to avoid. You should never be shy when you’re writing your review. Your review will be valuable due to your personal point of view.

Honest Search Engines

Once you have decided to write a hotel review on a travel website, then you keeping search engines honest because the comments are left by true travelers instead of the comments being left by hotel chains as they are paying for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Notify Hotel directly with Criticism

Honesty is very important when you are writing your hotel review, but if you have any complaints and criticism, then you should let the hotel know personally instead of posting them on travel sites. The hotel will appreciate you telling them about your complaints and they may give you a free stay in the future, give you a discount, and other traveling vouchers. If a hotel is reputable, then they will go out of their way to make things right for you as you are a valued customer. If you have contacted the hotel with your complaints and you were not happy with their response, then you can write about this experience, but you should try to be objective with the hotel reviews.

After you are home from your hotel stay, then you should always write a hotel review describing your stay.

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