Beware of Timeshare Refunds and Recovery Scams

Beware of Timeshare Refunds and Recovery Scams

Unfortunately, timeshare scams and other timeshare related scams are more complex than ever. It seems that the scammers are using any means to trap innocent people, which is why it is hard to believe the extent of lying they will use in so that you become convinced. Everyone must remember that when there are dollars involved, scammers will say and do anything to create a ‘foolproof’ and professional image. Every timeshare owner should beware of timeshare refunds and recovery scams and the top reasons why include:

The Scammers Sucker Lists

The people who have been scammed in the past is the people that the scammers will first target. It may be shocking to believe, but the scammers ‘sucker lists’ will contain the names, phone numbers, and address of people that have previously been scammed when they handed their money over to a scammer. Have you ever donated money for a raffle of a million dollars or to win a new car or house? If you have, then you may be on the ‘sucker lists’ and not even know it. The lists are then sold to scamming crooks who want to target you with a variety of scams, and the timeshare refunds and recovery scams are their number one choice of scams.

Targeted for Scams – How?

Many people have already been part of a scam and didn’t know it. How? Have you entered yourself in a drawing or competition, gave money to an unknown charity, or invested money with a business? These are popular scams, and the money that you gave was probably a small amount, so no alarm went off when you never heard back. With a timeshare refund and recovery scam they can target you with ease. If you have been on websites searching for timeshare cancellations or timeshare selling, then your information is there, and the scammers know that you are now ready to be scammed. They will come up with a scam that will meet your need.

Upfront Money for Timeshare Refunds and Recovery

All the scammers need to know is that you were scammed before. The scammers will call you and promise to help you recover any money or merchandise, but the recovery scam will come when they ask you for upfront money for fees. It is against the law for telemarketers to charge in upfront money for fees in advance in the United States. You cannot be asked for any money upfront before any service or product has been received.

Protecting Yourself

The helpful tip is easy to remember when you want to protect yourself from timeshare refunds and recovery scams. Any company calling you to provide you with this type of service is likely a scamming company. If you have purchased a timeshare with any leading timeshare provider, then avoid these calls. You can protect yourself by avoiding this popular scam by dealing directly with the timeshare provider you purchased from. If you think you are due a timeshare refund or you want to cancel your timeshare, then once again directly contact the timeshare company that you purchased your timeshare from and talk to them. This will protect you from being scammed. Beware of timeshare refunds and recovery scams and keep yourself protected!

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