Have you Been Warned to Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare?

Have you Been Warned to Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare?

So you’re looking into timeshares as a vacation option, and you’ve been told by someone, somewhere, that you should think about avoiding the Villa Group… After all, why else would you end up on this page? Well, if you have been warned against dealing with Villa Group we have some information that might help you to make up your own mind.

Read on to find out about whether you should avoid the Villa Group timeshare.

First and foremost you should know that there is no need to avoid the Villa Group as this company is a legitimate timeshare company in Mexico. If you want to spend regular vacations in Mexico then the Villa Group could be just the option for you.

The timeshares offered by Villa Group timeshare division are comprehensive vacation club memberships which offer freedom and flexibility in the shape of a points based system. This system allows members to take vacations on their own terms; members can have one long vacation, two or three smaller ones, and even use their points for services and treats. The Villa Preferred Access membership (as the membership is officially named) has become a favorite for snowbirds and repeat tourists.

As a member of the Villa Preferred Access scheme offered by the Villa Group timeshare, you will be able to stay at Villa del Palmar resorts across Mexico in locations including Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo san Lucas, Loreto, and Riviera Nayarit.

Who told you avoid the Villa Group timeshare?

In very rare cases, you may have been told to avoid the Villa Group timeshare by a friend who had a less than ideal experience, but generally speaking the most common places where you will find the advice to avoid the Villa Group timeshare (as well a any other renowned timeshare provider) are on timeshare cancellation scam websites. Confused? Timeshare cancellation frauds work by enticing you to cancel a timeshare that you cannot legitimately cancel. They make you doubt your timeshare purchase by publishing defamatory information about the timeshare companies. This kind of advice is not limited to their cancellation websites either. You will find fake comments left on even the most trusted websites like TripAdvisor by people on the cancellation company’s payroll pretending to be unhappy customers looking to avoid the Villa Group timeshare; only to be given advice by another cancellation scammer. You can imagine what advice they give!

Check out legitimate Villa Group timeshare reviews

If you look for reviews of Villa Group timeshare you will certainly find them across the internet; you just need to be discerning in which sources you trust. For example, if you check the the Villa Group’s official site you can find customer testimonials and reviews, and on websites like TripAdvisor you will find plenty of information about specific locations and unbiased reviews.

How to avoid a timeshare scam?

There are three main kinds of timeshare scam these days; fake timeshares, resale scams, and cancellation scams. Of all of these the resale scam is the hardest to spot and side-step, but there are plenty of ways in which you can protect yourself from each of these.

When it comes to avoiding fake timeshares all you have to do is buy directly from a trusted provider with at least ten years of experience in the industry; make sure you buy from a representative in their sales room. To avoid cancellation scams simply check your rescission period; if you are within it you do not need someone to help you cancel, and if you are not then no-one can change this for you anyway.

Resale scams are trickier as you may find that people sell on timeshares laden with debt, or that an agent claims a finders fee for hooking you up with a buyer. Just remember to check out any prospective purchase with the original provider, and never pay a fee or charge in advance!

So, what do you think? Do you still think you should avoid the Villa Group?

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