Health Benefits of a Vacation to Mexico

Health Benefits of a Vacation to Mexico

We’d all like to take regular vacations, and Mexico is one of the top destinations for those in the USA and Canada, but did you know that taking regular vacations to sunnier climes like Mexico can actually be good for your health and wellbeing? Well it’s true! Here’s why and how.

Health Benefits of a Vacation to Mexico


  • Better Skin

While they play havoc with your hair, warm humid climates, such as Mexico’s, are pretty great for your skin as they act as a natural collagen booster for the skin. You’ll find that, after a few days, your skin will plump out and you’ll get a healthy glow about you. What’s more the sunshine will even out your skin tone and help to shift breakouts so, as long as you don’t burn, it’s actually a good idea to sunbathe a little. You can be sure you won’t need make-up for a while when you get back, and as you’ll need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated you’ll come home rejuvenated and toxin free after your vacation to Mexico.

“Warm humid climates, such as Mexico’s, are pretty great for your skin as they act as a natural collagen booster for the skin”


  • A Vacation to Mexico is Good for the Psyche

Though the actual mechanics of travelling can be stressful, the plane ride, getting up early etc, the International Society for Quality of Life Studies claims that it makes you happier in the long run! They say that “a relaxing vacation… can also boost happiness weeks, and even months, prior to its fruition.” This means, in short, that the anticipation of taking a break can be as beneficial as the vacation itself – just thinking about your vacation to Mexico will make you feel better. What’s more a winter vacation in somewhere like Mexico can help to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by increasing the amount of serotonin in the body during the darker months.


  • Boost your Calcium

As you probably know it’s important that you get enough Vitamin D if you want to keep healthy because this particular vitamin helps your body absorb calcium more effectively, and is there for good for your teeth, bones, and hair. In fact it can also help you to reduce your blood pressure and keep your immune system in good repair. But what, I hear you ask, does this actually have to do with taking a Mexican vacation? Well as you may, or may not, know vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because you can get your daily does just by spending some time on the beach! In some of Mexico’s top tourist hot spots there are as many as 300 sunshine days per year so, you see, a Mexican vacation is a good way to keep your teeth and bones strong!


  • Relax on your Vacation to Mexico

The benefits of taking a break from the stresses of day to day life are endless, and when you’re on vacation to Mexico you have a chance to do just that. Relaxing on the beach can help you to reduce anxiety, and as we’re more likely to drink water and exercise when on vacation (due to the heat, and vacation activities) you can actually shed a few pounds and get better sleep, too!


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