Villa del Palmar Resale Scams

Villa del Palmar Resale Scams

Timeshare resale scammers are on the loose these days. Some Villa del Palmar timeshare owners have been victimized, this is why there is a solid plan to put a stop on this prevailing illegal activity. The Villa Group, in collaboration with the Universal Vacation Club have teamed up with the governing authorities to combat the threat of Villa del Palmar resale scams. The American Resort Development Association or ARDA has also given its support for the full protection of our treasured timeshare owners.

How to protect yourself from a Villa del Palmar Resale Scam

Your help is also critical towards the success of all efforts to make Villa del Palmar Resale Scams a thing of the past. It’s your responsibility to initiate action in reporting possible incidents and making claims. For you to fully understand, ARDA has come up with useful information on this topic and you can find it at You should also make a report with the Villa Group in the light of any attempt f a Villa del Palmar Resale scam. You can get in touch with the Villa Group through and they can give you advice about how to go about reporting the Villa del Palmar resale scam with the corresponding authorities.

Here are the full details of the steps you should to take if you are involved in Villa del Palmar resale scams:

    1. Make an official report with the Villa Group’s Member’s Services or UVC
    2. Seek out and file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It’s Business Fraud Division is tasked to handle this and they can be contacted with this number – 1-877-382-4357.
    3. Depending on the home state you’re in, report the incident to the Attorney General’s Office. Use the internet or local yellow pages to find the office in your town.
    4. All the needed evidences such as written documents or phone numbers used by scammers must be kept. The information regarding these must be emailed to

This will be added to your file as additional details.

  1. Lastly, report the incident to the ARDA through

There are many agencies working for your protection and welfare so make sure to report relevant incidents about Villa del Palmar resale scams so that other timeshare owners will be safeguarded as well.

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