Pueblos Magicos Near Cancun – Bacalar

Pueblos Magicos Near Cancun – Bacalar

The Pueblos Magicos or the Magical Villages program was initiated by the Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism in 2001 basically to introduce and promote the great towns in Mexico that are worthy of everyone’s attention and admiration. The Pueblos Magicos program first started out small with only a few towns under it but 14 years later, 83 loveable villages are recognized as something that show Mexico’s spirit and charm.

What makes a Pueblo Magico?

Pueblos Magicos in Mexico are “must see” places for anyone who is planning to go to this famed tropical paradise; the Pueblos Magicos embody the natural beauty and magical traits . They are unique on their own, appealing in many ways and showcase the country’s vibrant culture and rich history. These 83 destination places will make you experience a different kind of vacation that will leave you mesmerized and appreciative of the many hidden wonders that Mexico has.

Pueblos Magicos Near Cancun – Bacalar

Located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Cancun’s neighbour, Bacalar, was included in the list of Pueblos Magicos in 2006. It has the remnants and ruins of the Mayan civilization as well as a stunning colonial harbor and lake that glistens with 7 different shades of blue Being once a major trade post, it was subject to many raids by pirates during the sixteenth century when the Spanish first took control of Mexico.

Bacalar plays host to a lot of water activities unlike most towns on the Pueblos Magicos list. Aside from its beaches, an impressive lagoon that sits in front of the town has been a venue for many scuba diving and snorkelling adventures. Boat explorations and excursion trips leave from here and it’s a great starting point for visiting other interesting places in the region. The hospitable people of the community, the diverse natural beauty and Mexico’s rich culture are all present in this small town of Bacalar.

An interesting site found in Bacalar is the San Felipe Fort that was built in 1729. It reminds us of the trials faced by this Pueblo Magico throughout history, including wars against European invaders and pirate attacks. Furthermore, going to Bacalar makes it easy to reach Cenote Azul, an amazing natural wonder with submerged caverns that was once used by the people of the Mayan culture to connect with their gods.

Don’t miss out visiting this Magical Village when on a vacation in Cancun. You’ll be charmed by this quaint and beautiful town named Bacalar.

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