The Best Puerto Vallarta Christmas

The Best Puerto Vallarta Christmas

If you’re dreaming of one joyful Christmas celebration, you might want to consider going to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. This place has a lot to offer and it spells magical moments every way you look at it: street parades, merry festivals, gift giving, friendly ambience and true Christmas spirit hovering in the air. A Puerto Vallarta Christmas promises to be an unforgettable one.

Winter Time That’s Warm and Pleasurable

Christmas time coincides with winter in the northern hemisphere. Most people celebrate in their homes by the fire, keeping warm from the snow or wintry weather. The chilly temperatures keep Christmas indoors. On the contrary, a Puerto Vallarta Christmas means lots of outdoor fun and creative activities. You can go for a mountain exploration, jungle adventure trip, or simply enjoy the not so cold waters of the sea. It would mean Christmas with lots of activities and not just having it in the confines of your home.

Feel the True Puerto Vallarta Christmas Spirit

The Christmas season calls for a celebration of life; being grateful for the showers of blessings you have received and a time to share them to the less fortunate. People of Puerto Vallarta usually hold Christmas parties (posadas) way ahead of the actual Christmas date; they gather, have sumptuous dinners and exchange gifts to the delight of every participant. The true Christmas spirit dwells in each other’s heart and it’s manifested in their smiles, their happy ways and their giving attitudes. One grand event that’s anticipated during the first 12 nights of December is the Festival of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. The main highlight is a vibrant parade of locals dressed in vivid colors and elaborate displays showing the country’s deep religious roots and its fascinating culture. It creates a magical scene.

Comfortable Shopping Experience

Puerto Vallarta flourishes with specialty shops, markets, gift stores and shopping places to fill in your buying needs. You won’t have to push your way against crowds of people in search for that perfect gift you’re looking for. You won’t feel stressed out and pressured as there are wide choices to consider for your shopping spree. The Malecon is one good place, plus its bars and restaurants can provide good gastronomy and a few drinks after a busy shopping day. The array of options both in terms of places and items, will make your Puerto Vallarta Christmas a comfortable shopping experience.

Be Amazed By Puerto Vallarta’s Christmas Whales

The breeding season of humpback whales in Puerto Vallarta happens from November through March, coinciding with Christmas. Banderas Bay is where these giant creatures come to breed and teach their young to feed and play. Whale watching is one amazing adventure trip that would nicely complement a highly entertaining Puerto Vallarta Christmas experience.

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