Top 5 No, Nos for Vacations to Mexico

Top 5 No, Nos for Vacations to Mexico

When you’re on your vacations to Mexico one of the best things you can do is relax and let loose a little, but this doesn’t mean that you can do things that are illegal at home! You should be just as respectful and law abiding while on your vacations to Mexico as you are at home.

Here are the top 5 no, nos for your vacations to Mexico:

  • Don’t do things you wouldn’t usually do at home

Just because you don’t know about them or understand the language doesn’t mean that there are no laws in place in Mexico to protect you and the locals. Just like at home, buying drugs, drink driving and attempting to bribe police are all highly illegal. Stay safe for your vacations to Mexico by sticking to the laws of the country.

  • Don’t Swim in the sea when the red flag is up

This piece of advice for your vacations to Mexico is common sense. Though most beaches in the tourist areas are safe for swimming, there are times when you’ll see a red flag up. When you do please don’t swim as it shows that the currents are too strong, and authorities have deemed there is a real danger of being swept out to sea.

  • Don’t make fun of the Virgin of Guadalupe

You’ll see plenty of pictures and artwork which depict the Virgin of Guadalupe as she’s a very important religious icon in Mexico. The virgin is an apparition of the Virgin Mary seen by St Juan Diego in 1531, and is celebrate on December 12th. Insulting her is rather like insulting someone’s mother. Better to avoid any confrontation.

  • Don’t Dive without a guide on your vacations to Mexico

Divers will love Mexico; there are so many interesting spots to dive in. From Cenotes to underwater caves to coral reefs and shipwrecks there’s no shortage of places to explore. With that said you should never go on dives alone if you don’t know the area; take a guide, especially if you’re going cave diving.

  • Avoid having sex in a public

Mexico is a very traditional, catholic country so it’s actually illegal to even sunbathe topless, and therefore it’s easy to understand that the penalties for having sex in public are not small. Though the Mexican authorities are more lenient than some countries, sex on the beach is still better as a cocktail than an activity.

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