Timeshare at Interval International

Timeshare at Interval International

Timeshare services at Interval International are varied; its main function is as a global exchange network for major timeshare operators, offering timeshare owners the option to swap their timeshare membership for other destinations throughout the world.

Interval International is a world leader in vacation exchange, providing nearly 2 million members with services and access to an extensive network of timeshare accommodations worldwide. Members are not limited to exchanging their timeshare properties or points, they can also benefit from Interval International’s travel agent services and vacation packages in addition to the benefits their timeshare membership affords them.

Boasting nearly 40 years in operation bringing members and dream vacations together, Interval International serves more than 75 countries offering over 2,800 different resorts globally. Today it stands as the world’s 2nd largest exchange network, collaborating with some of the best timeshare resorts on the market like Villa del Palmar.

Both an exchange network and resort developer, Interval International coordinates a variety of leisure and travel products, from vacation club services, timeshare fixed weeks, residence club memberships, and fractional exchanges. It can also exchange cruise and yacht timeshares. Members can exchange timeshare vacation points and fixed weeks as well as rent timeshare properties directly from Interval International. These services are provided in addition to discounts and travel agent services.

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