Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scams and All you Need to Know

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scams and All you Need to Know

How to guard your timeshare memberships from scams

Current and future timeshare owners of Villa del Palmar timeshares need to pay close attention to the increase of clever scams that single out people in your interest group. Some may wonder how is it possible that Villa del Palmar timeshare scams are becoming more commonplace with legitimate vacation clubs like Villa del Palmar. Hopefully, the following information will provide all the needed insight to help safeguard you from becoming a victim of the current range of timeshare scams surfacing to target even the happiest Villa del Palmar timeshare members.

Rental Agency Scams Targeting Villa del Palmar timeshare

This is a scam that not only target Villa del Palmar timeshare but all reputable timeshares which are attractive for rentals. Those who desire to rent their timeshare slots out have to be careful of rental agency scams. These companies pretend to be authentic real estate agencies that can lease your timeshare for an upfront service fee. If you want to rent your Villa del Palmar timeshare, you need to pay attention to which companies have reputations for being authentic companies. Also you need select a rental agency that accepts commission payments and not upfront fees.

Beware Resales

Resale scams are carefully planned out Villa del Palmar timeshare scams that utilize phone, email, or written mail communication to offer a resale of your timeshare membership. These companies often portray an urgency to resell your Villa del Palmar timeshare membership by pretending there is an actual customer waiting to take over the membership. The money-making part comes from the service fee you have to pay the company for referring you to this alleged potential buyer. Once you pay the service fee to get more information about how to contact the potential buyer, your communication from the company ceases.

Want to cancel your Villa del Palmar timeshare?

If you remember that your Villa del Palmar timeshare loan agreement is enforceable after the cooling off period is over, then you won’t have to worry about cancellation scams. These type of scams are designed to lure you into allowing an alleged legal firm to oversee the cancellation of your timeshare loan for free. However, the end result of these scams is a defaulted loan and a bill from a company that is not providing a legitimate service. Avoid this kind of Villa del Palmar timeshare scam at all costs.

Steps to take when you’ve experienced a Villa del Palmar timeshare scam

First of all, you need to let Member Services at Villa del Palmar’s timeshare know your experience. Second, contact your state’s attorney general’s office and the Federal Trade Commission’s Business Fraud Division (Dial 1-877-382-4357). You can find the telephone number for your attorney general’s office in the yellow pages or on the internet. It is also recommended you contact the ARDA ( ) to let them know about your incident. All communications from this company via email and regular mail should be kept to help establish a case against the company involved.

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