Is the Villa Group a Scam or Genuine?

Is the Villa Group a Scam or Genuine?

It is only natural to check, when investing in a timeshare, that the company who seems to be offering unbelievable value is, in fact, genuine. If you’ve ended up here because you want to know if the Villa Group is a scam or a genuine timeshare provider, I have some great news for you! The Villa Group are 100% legit.

Who is the Villa Group?

The Villa Group is a longstanding Mexican company who offer timeshare accommodation across Mexico. They own and operate a number of hotels and resorts, including the Villa del Palmar brand and Villa la Estancia, which included real estate and fractional residences. Villa Group is widely considered among the best timeshare providers in Mexico due to their sparkling reputation and 30 years of experience in the field.

So Villa Group is definitely not a scam?

Definitely not! The Villa Group sells legitimate timeshare, fractional and full ownership products. However … beware scams that disguise themselves as genuine Villa Group products.

Scams to Beware

In some rare cases, there have been reports of fraudulent agents who use the respected Villa Group name to fool you into thinking they work for the Villa Group when they don’t. Such people might claim to be a sales rep from a Villa Group brand. However, there are many ways for your to tell if you are being a sold a genuine Villa Group timeshare:

If you are offered a timeshare without being offered a tour, be very wary! Any legitimate sales rep will be able to give you a tour of a resort. Secondly, if you are given a tour, but taken elsewhere to sign your contract (especially if you are rushed or pressured into signing) then be very careful. Don’t sign, but rather report the incident to the sales team at the resort immediately!

The other kind of Villa Group scam to beware are resale and class action scams. Resale scams occur when scammers contact existing members and claim to have a buyer who wants to pay a considerable sum for the timeshare in question. Sometimes scammers claim to be timeshare lawyers who offer to cancel timeshares without a fine. In either case, these kinds of scams ask for fees upfront and rarely deliver what they say.

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