The Villa Group Scam Truth – Get the Facts!

The Villa Group Scam Truth – Get the Facts!

Would you like to avoid a Villa Group scam? Are you worried about the risks of a being involved in a Villa Group scam or a fraud related to one of its affiliates such as Universal Vacation Club, ResortCom or Villa Preferred Access? You have come to the right place. Get the facts here about Villa Group scams.

Villa Group Scam Truth

You can avoid a Villa Group scam easily by arming yourself with the truth. In the early 90’s the timeshare industry boomed, but unfortunately timeshare scams began to rise too. Fortunately, there is good news. It is nearly impossible to be scammed by a timeshare membership with the Villa Group if you only purchase your timeshare directly at the Villa Group’s official sales offices. Purchase your timeshare vacation from the Villa Group directly and avoid purchasing a timeshare resale to avoid scams.

Villa Group Scam Potential

Being conned or scammed by the Villa Group is a virtual impossibility; however, you will only be safe if you purchase your timeshare membership with the Villa Group directly. There are many timeshare scams and dangers out there, but you can avoid these when you deal only with the Villa Group. Unfortunately, some people become involved in Villa Group scams when they purchase a Villa Group resale, or are convinced to cancel their Villa Group timeshare by a fraudulent timeshare cancellation company. You are in the right place to learn the truth about the Villa Group scam truth potential.

How to Identify if your Villa Group timeshare transaction is a scam?

First and foremost, the Villa Group has an outstanding reputation for providing genuine timeshare memberships. The Villa Group Timeshare Company has several locations in Mexico and it provides genuine vacation ownership products. The Villa Group has over thirty years of experience in providing the best vacation ownership opportunities in Mexico. There are no chance that you will be scammed by the Villa Group when you purchase the timeshare through the company directly. The Villa Group benefits include treating you with a personal experience, because it is a small company that specializes in Mexican timeshare. Staff make you feel special.

Villa Group Scams to Look Out For

There is absolutely no Villa Group scam when you purchase your timeshare directly from the Villa Group, as mentioned previously. There is however Villa Group scams to look out for, such as:

Fake Villa Group Sellers

Fake Villa Group scams involve fake sellers trying to sell you products as though they were a Villa Group agent, but in fact they take you to another resort. Sometimes, these fake sellers will try to carry out the deal in an office away from the resort. These kinds of timeshare scams target the most reputable timeshare providers, so be sure that you only purchase a timeshare when you are on site at the resort.

Resale Scams

There are two main ways that resale scams operate. The first way is if you do purchase a Villa Group timeshare from anyone other than the Villa Group (like from a resale website or even Ebay), then beware. For example, you may believe that your membership is for 10 years, but later find out that the membership has only one year left. Or that you have to pay hundreds of dollars in unpaid maintenance fees before you can use the unit. Or it is just plain fake! The answer? Avoid the resale Villa Group scams and purchase your timeshare directly through Villa Group. Also, the second resale scam is when you are already a Villa Group timeshare owner, and you are approached by a resale agent saying he or she has a buyer for your membership, but you have to pay the agent a big fee for the introduction. This is a common resale scam to beware.

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