Beware of Fraudulent Timeshare Consultants

Beware of Fraudulent Timeshare Consultants

Are you wondering if there are genuine timeshare ownership investments available in Mexico? Yes, there are legitimate timeshare ownership opportunities in Mexico and there are many timeshare owners that are completely thrilled with their timeshare purchase and are able to enjoy Mexico vacations at the top resorts. However, there are also timeshare scammers out there that strive to take advantage of timeshare owners. These scammers have created fraudulent timeshare consultant companies so they can scam timeshare owners. These scammers do all they can to make timeshare owners believe that they are a genuine consulting company, but they are not. You should beware of fraudulent timeshare consultants. You can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Continue to read below to learn how.

Beware of Fraudulent Timeshare Scams
Many people in the past thought that timeshare scams were fake timeshare companies that were selling timeshare illegally. Today, we are seeing that timeshare scammers are trying to scam people with a new approach. The fraudulent timeshare scammers are now claiming they can cancel timeshare contracts or resale timeshare memberships. You should be wary if you are approached by a consultant who claims they can upgrade to a new timeshare, and will help you sell your old timeshare as well. These timeshare scammers tell you that they already have a buyer to purchase your timeshare, but if you are asked to pay an upfront fee, then this is a major red flag that you should beware of because this is likely a fraudulent timeshare scam. Stay away from these scammers who offer you any of the timeshare services mentioned above, and your money will be protected along with your timeshare investment.

  • Beware of Fraudulent Timeshare Consultant Scammers

Not long ago the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) released an advisory warning to all timeshare owners. The ARDA stated that timeshare scammers are now claiming they are a part of the ARDA, and there is even one fraudulent timeshare company using the name “Resort Consulting Advocates”. The “Resort Consulting Advocates” have already scammed several timeshare owners by falsely telling timeshare owners that they have buyers that are very interested in purchasing their timeshare property. False sales contracts were created by the “Resort Consulting Advocates” and on they even went as far to add a “100% Customer Guarantee” in writing. However, the truth was there was no buyer interested in purchasing the timeshare and the fraudulent timeshare consultant scammers charged and collected a large upfront fee, and then just disappeared.

  • Beware of Fraudulent Timeshare Resellers

Unfortunately, the “Resort Consulting Advocates” is only one of numerous fraudulent timeshare scamming companies out there that is posing as a genuine timeshare company, and their main goal is to convince timeshare owners to use their services so they can scam them out of their money. These fraudulent timeshare reseller companies change their names often so they can avoid being caught and prosecuted by the authorities. Timeshare owners never know who they are actually working with, and often find out too late that they were involved in a timeshare scam. You should always stay alert and cautious when you are contacted by a cancellation company, a timeshare resale company, or a timeshare rental company. These are the type of companies that are generally all scammers. If you really want to protect your timeshare investment and yourself, then you should only deal with the timeshare company that you purchased your membership from. If you have any problems, issues, or even concerns you should contact the timeshare company that you purchased your timeshare from personally and talk to an employee who has been trained to solve any issues you may have. You should never consider talking to a third party as the third party is generally out to scam you from your hard earned money.

  • What To Do If You Were Scammed

Have you paid an upfront fee or do you think that a timeshare scammer has contacted you? Did you find out later that the timeshare company was fake? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you should immediately contact your personal timeshare company and let them know of the situation. When you do this, it will assist actually legitimate timeshare companies so they can alert their timeshare members so they will not become a victim to their scams. Contacting your local authorities should be done as well. You should also contact your local state’s attorney along with the Better Business Bureau where you can file a formal complaint. When you do this, you are protecting other timeshare owners from becoming victims of timeshare scammers.

  • Prevent A Timeshare Scam by Never Paying an Upfront Fee

If you want to prevent a timeshare scam from happening to you, then you should never pay an upfront fee to a third party. If any third party company does contact you, then you should research them and you will probably find out that they are indeed a timeshare scammer and they only want to scam you from your money. You should never contact or involve a third party company that claims that they just want to help you with your timeshare membership. You should always contact the timeshare company that you purchased your timeshare from so you will be safe from being scammed, and you will enjoy your timeshare investment for many, many years.

All timeshare owners should beware of fraudulent timeshare consultants. They are only out to scam your money. You can prevent yourself from being a victim by using the tips provided above.

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