Timeshare Promoters at Puerto Vallarta Airport

Timeshare Promoters at Puerto Vallarta Airport

Anyone who has ever visited Puerto Vallarta Airport knows that timeshare promoters are ready and waiting to greet you as soon as you step foot off your plane. While their sales tactics may seem aggressive for some tourists, you should know that there are only a few reputable timeshare companies that are worth your investment. Here we will discuss which companies are legitimate timeshare companies so you can be prepared for your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

One of the best ways to tell which timeshare companies are trustworthy in Puerto Vallarta is to notice which timeshare operators are allowed to promote inside Puerto Vallarta’s airport. Only legitimate timeshare companies like Villa del Palmar and the Villa Group Timeshare are given authorization to operate inside the airport. If you approached by a timeshare promoter outside the airport or in the parking lot, these may be fraudulent promoters who should not be trusted.

Villa del Palmar timeshare promoters are found in a variety of locations throughout Puerto Vallarta in addition to the airport. Villa del Palmar timeshare promoters have an official ID showing they have permission from the local authorities to legally promote Villa del Palmar or the Villa Group timeshares. If you did not have the opportunity to learn more about Villa del Palmar timeshares when you landed, you can still get access to available discounts and opportunities by attending a timeshare presentation at the resort. You can also go directly to The Villa Group Resorts vacation ownership website at www.vacationownership.villagroupresorts.com to find out how to attend a presentation and see what deals are available right now.

If you find yourself speaking with a Villa del Palmar timeshare promoter in the Puerto Vallarta Airport or around town, rest assured you will receive some good advice about the best tours and activities to enjoy while in Puerto Vallarta. Villa del Palmar timeshare promoters are highly trained and customer service is a top priority. Villa del Palmar prides itself on upholding its positive image and maintaining Puerto Vallarta as a top vacation destination for foreigners and nationals alike. Another bonus if you decide to attend a Villa del Palmar timeshare presentation is that you may qualify for a special gift or discounted tour. Make sure to ask the promoter for more information about all the great discounts you might enjoy.

Villa del Palmar timeshare promoter in Puerto Vallarta are reputable and professional individuals who are here to help make the most of your vacation experience. If for some reason you have a negative experience, don’t hesitate to notify Villa del Palmar so they can continue ensure that Puerto Vallarta’s maintains its reputation as a premium vacation destination.

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