Scams on Vacations to Mexico

Scams on Vacations to Mexico

One of the reasons that scams related to vacations to Mexico are common is that the country is such a fabulous place to visit for a romantic getaway or family vacation. Precisely because this country offers such amazing vacation opportunities, is the same reason that makes it prone to scammers.

Here’s all you need to know about scams and vacations to Mexico and how to protect yourself.

  • Airport transfer scams
    If you have pre-booked your airport transfer, make sure you find the right company upon arrival or you could end up paying twice in this new type of scam in Mexico. Marketers sometimes target tourists that arrive to the busiest airports in Mexico, making you feel as though they were waiting for you, taking you to the transport area outside of the terminal building. You will probably assume this is the airport transfer you have pre-booked. But double check. Look out for the logo of the company which has your reservation and check that they have your name on their list of reservations BEFORE using the service.
  • Rental Scams Affecting Vacations to Mexico
    Both innocent and unsuspecting homeowners and people looking to find accommodation for their vacations to Mexico can be affected by rental scams. This scam can work both ways. You can be scammed as an owner looking to rent out your property, or as well as a renter looking for somewhere to stay on your vacations to Mexico. Be sure to use reputable vacation rental agencies that offer guarantees.
  • Timeshare scams
    Timeshare scams in Mexico have become a dying breed. The Mexican government has done a lot to prevent scams in order to make buying timeshare in Mexico a safe and attractive opportunity for both visitors to Mexico and Mexican nationals. Nowadays, the main kind of timeshare scams to beware of are related to timeshare cancellation companies looking to offer you services they cannot legally perform. Avoid timeshare cancellation companies at all costs.
  • Credit Card Scams
    These kinds of scams can affect you online when you are booking your vacations to Mexico if you use an insecure website to make payment for your flights or accommodation. Likewise, you should be careful when using your credit card to pay for transactions while on vacations to Mexico. Keep your card in sight at all times. Most establishments in Mexico’s top tourist areas now have wireless terminals to charge credit card payments. If in doubt, make sure you use a credit card and not a debit card.

What scams have you encountered when taking vacations? Share the good, the bad and the ugly stories.

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