Have you experienced a Discount Vacation Hotels Scam?

Have you experienced a Discount Vacation Hotels Scam?

In the last few months the name Discount Vacation Hotels has come to light again and again as people are surprised by the low prices on offer for room only and all inclusive vacations in Mexico. Many people assume (usually quite rightly) that if something looks too good to be true then it is, but with Discount Vacation Hotels you’re getting the real deal. If a scam occurs, you can be sure it’s not run by Discount Vacation Hotels!

Is Discount Vacation Hotels a scam?


Discount Vacation Hotels is a registered travel agent that has discounted vacations available in some of the best hotels in Mexico.

Then why are the prices so low for such great vacations?

For a start, Discount Vacation Hotels only offers package deals in Mexico; locations such Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Loreto are included in their offers. Secondly, part of the condition for such a great vacation package price is that when you arrive at your destination you attend a short sales presentation. There’s no obligation laid upon you to buy something and, if you decline, the package deal you bought will not be affected in anyway whatsoever. Moreover you won’t be harassed by the pool for you reasons or reconsiderations.

How can I be extra sure?

All of the agents at Discount Vacation Hotels have first hand experience of the resorts in question so, when you make your reservation, you can ask them anything. They’re sure to be able to help and, if you need extra confirmation, you could note down some of the places mentioned and do some independent research for verification!

No Scam?

So you see, there’s no scam when it comes to Discount Vacation Hotels; just great package deals. You can have your once in a lifetime vacation at a great price with Discount Vacation Hotels and, considering you need only attend one short presentation, the incentives to do so are great! So hop onto the website and check them out today, you can find them at; www.discountvacationhotels.com.

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