8 Reasons to Join a Vacation Club in Mexico

8 Reasons to Join a Vacation Club in Mexico


Joining a vacation club in Mexico could be one of the best choices you make; here’s why!

1. Great weather in Mexico

joining a vacation club in Mexico has many benefits, one of which is the year round sunshine and balmy temperatures that it has to offer. If you’re coming from the USA or Canada then Mexico is probably one of the closest and most affordable vacations spots available. Some of the more popular spots in Mexico such as Cancun, Cabo san Lucas and the Riviera Nayarit get around 300 sunny days in a year! When joining a vacation club in Mexico you get sea, sun, culture, music and entertainment, natural beauty and adventure and great cuisine to top it all off, could you really ask for more?

2. Great suites and accommodation

vacation clubs in Mexico tend to boast generously sized accommodations at affordable prices. Due to lower labor costs, joining a Mexican vacation club is reasonably cheap and, in fact, great value for money! Likewise the exchange rate is very good!

3. You only pay for what you use

when joining a vacation in Mexico you get great value for money because you only pay for the time you spend on vacation! Unlike buying a vacation home outright, a timeshare or vacation club membership means that the condo or villa doesn’t sit empty for months on end and you aren’t solely responsible for its upkeep!

4. Value

because vacation clubs will often offer schemes where you can use your points to cover services, such as all inclusive meal plans, the overall cost of joining a vacation club in Mexico is much lower than simply paying for each vacation separately.

5. Travelling is encouraged

when you own a membership at a vacation club in Mexico your yearly fees cover your accommodation at the resort so you really have no excuse to skip that yearly vacation. Owning a membership encourages travel!

6. Freedom and Flexibility

despite the common misconception that timeshare groups are restrictive, most vacation clubs allow you to be hugely flexible with your vacations and plans! You can use your points to reserve the weeks and resorts you want, you can even swap what kind of rooms you have from year to year. A vacation club won’t limit you to the same two weeks in the same place every year!

7. Stressless travels

Joining a vacation club in Mexico could take all the stress out to choosing and organizing your family vacation. When you join a vacation club you know all your needs will be met and your suite will be flawless. A vacation club in Mexico offers you familiarity away from home which can only enhance a vacation!

8. Extra benefits

many of the best vacation clubs in Mexico allow you to exchange, borrow or bank your points to make sure that you get the best out of your vacation. They might even allow you to exchange excess points for extras like all inclusive meal packages, insuite butlers or chefs and other such wonderful services!

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