How To Avoid Mexico Timeshare Scams [2019]

How To Avoid Mexico Timeshare Scams [2019]

Over the years, unfortunately timeshares have undeservingly earned a bad name due to a few dishonest scamming companies and individuals that took advantage of innocent people. Want to know how to avoid Mexico timeshare scams in 2019? If so, then you are in the right place. These days, most vacation ownership opportunities come from honest and reputable companies that provide many people with the opportunity to have fantastic vacations, but at a price they can all afford. Vacation club owners have so many benefits that come with their membership. The vast majority of owners are very satisfied and thrilled with their vacation investment, but everyone should also know how to avoid Mexico timeshare scams. In order to enjoy your vacation investment with your loved ones for many years to come, we are providing information on how to avoid Mexico timeshare scams in 2019. Stay smart and keep yourself from becoming a Mexico timeshare scam victim when you know what to look for.

  • Resale Old Mexico Timeshare Scams: A common Mexico timeshare scam occurs when a fraudulent company tries to sell individuals an old or invalid membership. The fraudulent company is usually not even the actual owner, and many times there isn’t even an existing membership that they are trying to resell. They could be fabricating the buyer and the vacation club membership completely. In order to eliminate these risks entirely, only purchase from a legitimate company and reputable vacation club provider. Never, ever purchase a timeshare resale online, and stay very wary if you are ever approached by a fraudulent company.
  • Timeshare Sales Representative Off-Site: Although it is possible that you may come in contact with a fraudulent sales representative when they are working off site, many genuine sales reps do work in some of the popular tourist areas. If you are approached by a sales representative around town, you should simply ask to see an ID that will confirm if the sales representative is an actual sales representative with a reputable company. Remember, before any purchase or deposit is made, make sure to personally visit the resort for a tour and attend the sales presentation to get additional information. Do not trust any marketing displays or sales material alone that the sales representative is showing you. You can avoid becoming a victim of purchasing a fake vacation club membership if you insist on visiting the resort in person.
  • Contract Scams with Timeshares: Another scam to avoid in 2019 is to make sure you receive a copy of the membership contract before any money exchanges hands. Never pay a deposit or transfer any money before you have been given the vacation club membership contract to thoroughly review. Always read the fine print and details with the membership contract, and ask any and all questions before you sign the actual legal document. You may be on your way to becoming the next victim of a Mexico timeshare scam if you are not given a copy of the contract, or if you are asked to pay the deposit before receiving the membership details.
  • Popular Upgrade and Exchange Scams: Were you recently contacted by a company that promised you that they can transfer or even exchange your existing membership? If you have, then you are probably dealing with a Mexico timeshare scammer. Outside companies are not able to provide an upgrade or exchange with your current vacation club membership. You can only do that through your existing company depending on the specific rules and regulations of your vacation club membership contract. Existing owners are being scammed by this popular Mexico timeshare scam, but stay aware so you can prevent it from happening to you.
  • Cancellation Scams: When a cancellation company contacts you after your cooling off period has passed, be on high alert as this is one of the most popular Mexico timeshare scam that affects unsuspecting vacation club members in 2019. These fraudulent cancellation companies claim that they can cancel your membership for you, but all they want is to scare you into paying an upfront fee. None of these companies can truly cancel your legally binding contract. Stay smart and never deal with any of these fraudsters. Have a question or concern? Contact your existing vacation club provider and their representatives today to get it easily resolved.

We truly hope that you can prevent yourself from being a Mexico timeshare victim now that you know how to avoid Mexico timeshare scams. Remember, follow these simple hints and you will not be the next Mexico timeshare scam victim.

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