Guide to Timeshare Rescissions in Mexico

Guide to Timeshare Rescissions in Mexico

Are you wanting to join a vacation club in Mexico so you can provide your family with much-needed vacation time together? Many people are realizing the great value that today’s timeshare and vacation clubs in Mexico offer. Unlike in the past, today’s modern clubs have all the perks, benefits and amenities that savvy travelers are searching for. If you are looking for a quality timeshare ownership opportunity, contact the award winning Villa Group Resorts which has 9 incredible properties in 5 of the best destinations in Mexico.Do you also want to understand more about timeshare cancellation policy? In Mexico, there are rescission laws with vacation club memberships where owners can legally cancel during a set period of time. Would you like to know more information about how timeshare rescissions work in Mexico? If so, read below to learn about rescission laws and details on how Mexican timeshare cancellation policy works. 

Guide to Timeshare Rescissions in Mexico

Rescission laws were designed to establish a time frame in which new vacation club owners can legally cancel their timeshare ownership commitment without penalties. The timeshare rescission period allows new vacation club members additional time to go over their purchase decision. In the unlikely event that they decide they don’t want to keep their membership, they can cancel it without facing any legal ramifications. Rescission laws protect both sellers and buyers. Also, timeshare rescission laws are only for vacation club memberships in Mexico that were bought from an actual provider, and do not apply to timeshare resales. Remember, rescission rules and laws only apply to owners who purchase a timeshare membership from a genuine provider in Mexico, so make sure you only deal with reputable companies like the Villa Group.

Timeshare Cancellation Policy

Timeshare cancellation policy states that your membership cannot be cancelled after the rescission period has ended. As a result, it is important that new vacation club members take time to think over the pros and cons of their membership investment. The timeshare rescission period protects buyers by allowing them to cancel their membership legally in the unlikely event that they believe they made a hasty purchase. Timeshare cancellation policy states the member will not be penalized if a cancellation occurs during the rescission period. New vacation club owners should also be aware that scammers exist that try to take advantage of new members. Some scammers attempt to misinform new members in order to scam innocent people of their hard earned money. However, now you know that if you are still within your rescission period, then you can cancel your membership legally without outside assistance. Your membership contract will also have the specific dates and details that apply to you. Remember, the rescission period doesn’t apply to a timeshare that is a resale, or a fake company that fraudulently sold you a membership that doesn’t even exist. Always stick with a reputable provider like the Villa Group to afford these types of problems and hassles.

Rescission Period Has Ended… What Now?

After your rescission period has ended, it is important to note that you are unable to legally able to cancel your timeshare membership. Also, despite what scammers may say, no cancellation company can offer legitimate cancellation services either. You may be able to sell your membership to another person, or you can get in touch with your provider to see if you can come to an agreement about your membership. In the meantime, remember that all vacation club members are required to pay their regular membership dues and maintenance fees.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Mexican timeshare rescission laws and timeshare cancellation policy rules. While most members absolutely adore their vacation club plan, and love to visit Mexico time and time again to create lasting memories with their family. Do you want more information on the Villa Group Resorts to see if you qualify for timeshare ownership? If so, contact Villa Group Resorts today to schedule a property tour and for an informative presentation that showcases all the great benefits, amenities and perks that members enjoy. What are you waiting for? Contact Villa Group Resorts today!

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