How to Make the Most of Your Villa Group Membership

How to Make the Most of Your Villa Group Membership

There are so many amazing benefits that come to individuals who decide to join a vacation club in Mexico. Especially for Americans and Canadians, Mexico is a convenient destination where families can enjoy incredible vacations making treasured memories together. Mexico is well known for its beautiful beaches, welcoming locals, delicious cuisine, and pleasant year round climate. As a result, many foreigners take advantage of the convenience of having such a beautiful country just a flight away and join a vacation club. One of the top timeshare and vacation club providers in Mexico is The Villa Group Resorts. With 9 incredible resorts in 5 of the best locations in Mexico for a dream vacation, more and more individuals are investing in their future by becoming members. Don’t miss it. Read below to learn about vacation club membership benefits, and how you can make the most of your Villa Group membership.

Villa Group Membership 

There are so many incredible benefits to becoming a Villa Group vacation club member. To start with, making quality vacations a priority for you and your family truly has no price. To keep things simple, we must make the most of what matters most in our lives…family and friends and being happy! Vacations are high on the list of what people like to do, so the value of a vacation club membership is obvious. Once you join the Villa Group Resorts, you will be able to start enjoying great vacations in Mexico. Don’t wait for another day and start planning ahead for future vacations, all while prepaying at today’s low rates. In the long run, you even save money which is an added bonus of becoming a vacation club member. 

Villa Preferred Access

Did you know that there are various levels of membership plans available within the Villa Group Resorts vacation club? If you want to give your family the absolute cream of the crop for your getaways to Mexico, you should consider an upgrade to Villa Preferred Access. In addition to the countless benefits of a standard Villa Group membership, when you upgrade to Villa Preferred Access you get so much more. To start with, there is a points redemption program that offers very attractive benefits to members. The Villa Preferred Access program allows members to use points to pay for services and privileges to make their vacations even sweeter. By using your Villa Group timeshare points through the Villa Preferred Access program, you can enjoy more of what makes a vacation just right for you. Is it a nice massage by the pool? Or a gourmet dinner by candlelight? Other services that Villa Preferred Access redemption points can be used for include hiring a private chef, a luxurious spa treatment, vibrant floral arrangements, personalized welcome packages and so much more. Just ask what options are available for you when you make your reservation. You are in charge when it comes to deciding how your vacation should be when you use your Villa Preferred Access redemption points. 

How Do I Use My Points?

Want to know the process for using your points to make your vacations to Mexico even more enjoyable? The first step is to make your reservation for your vacation by calling Villa Group Resorts. Next, you can select upgraded amenities and any additional services you would like to use. Then, request to use your timeshare points to pay for those special extras. If you need extra assistance, Member Services will be available to help you with any requests as well. Once you arrive at the resort, staff members on the property will also be available to offer guidance on how many of your points you can use towards any purchases.

Now you know how to make the most of your Villa Group membership. Villa Preferred Access members really know how to vacation in style. Are you ready to upgrade to Villa Preferred Access? Contact Villa Group Resorts today and start planning your next vacation to Mexico!

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