Timeshare Resales in Mexico: 2021 Update

Timeshare Resales in Mexico: 2021 Update

Have you been thinking about purchasing a Mexico timeshare? Have you read about timeshare resales, and want more information to see if it is something you should consider as well? To clarify, a Mexico timeshare membership gives owners the chance to share a vacation home that they can use for a set period of time each year. Vacation ownership also allows members to prepay for their vacations at a low, fixed rate so that they save money in the long run. Also known as vacation ownership, Mexico vacation club memberships are popular with savvy travelers who want the best vacation experiences for their families. An important advantage to timeshare ownership is that families have a chance to plan ahead to schedule annual vacations at luxury resort properties, which is so important in today’s busy world. Also, Mexico timeshares gives owners the ability to enjoy a vacation home without having to maintain and upkeep the property themselves. On the contrary, a Mexico timeshare is maintained for you for a small monthly fee, so you can relax and enjoy quality time with your family while you create lasting vacation memories in paradise. Read more to learn about Mexico timeshares and timeshare resales. 

  • Timeshare Memberships Vs. Buying Real Estate?: Many members that decide to invest in a Mexico vacation club membership also considered buying Mexican real estate as well. Are you wondering if it makes more sense to invest in a Mexico timeshare, or buy Mexican real estate instead? To compare, one notable difference between purchasing Mexican real estate as opposed to investing in a vacation club club is that your unit is shared by many individual owners as opposed to one, single owner. Multiple vacation club owners will share equal financial interest in the property, and can vacation for a set period of time each year. On the contrary, if you purchase Mexican real estate on your own, you are the sole property owner and are financially responsible for all issues and costs relating to the home. Another big difference to recognize between traditional real estate and Mexico timeshares is the shared maintenance costs. When you own a Mexico timeshare, maintenance costs are split equally among all the timeshare owners so that repairs and upkeep are more affordable when compared to owning individual property. Maintenance fees keep your Mexico vacation unit including common area landscaping and amenities in tip top condition so that you can enjoy the property during every vacation. There is no need to worry about dealing with maintenance issues in your vacation club home. In general, maintenance fees for Mexico timeshares are affordable and only cost around $20 to $50 dollars a month.
  • Mexico Timeshare Resales: Now that you know more about Mexico vacation clubs, have you heard about Mexico timeshare resales and want to learn more? A Mexico timeshare resale is a vacation membership unit that has been resold to a new owner by the current owner, as opposed to being sold directly from the resort. In Mexico, timeshare resales are available at discounted prices making them more economical than a standard vacation club purchase. Mexico timeshare resales are sold at discounted prices since there are no added marketing or sales incentive fees built into the sales price. On average, Mexico timeshare resales usually cost about 20% to 50% less than similar Mexico units at the same resort. However, make sure you research a resale to confirm it is a genuine vacation club membership. Depending on what club you want to join, there may be units for sale by owner in addition to the traditional Mexico timeshares offered by luxury resorts. You want to avoid a scam by making sure your resale is legitimate and legal. Want to avoid a potential risk or unwise decision? To play it safe, a Mexico timeshare purchase directly from the resort is a smart investment that will save you money to plan ahead for lifetime vacations.

Are you excited to invest in a Mexico timeshare? Don’t hesitate and start making your family and vacations together a priority today.

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