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Fraudulent Timeshare

Are you wondering if there are genuine timeshare ownership investments available in Mexico? Yes, there are legitimate timeshare ownership opportunities in Mexico and there are many timeshare owners that are completely thrilled with their timeshare purchase and are able to Read more…

recognizing a timeshare scam

This week’s guest blogger is Pete Reeves from timeshareassistance.org. This article shows great insight into how you can protect yourself from stress and hardship by recognizing a timeshare scam from the get-go. Recognizing a Timeshare Scam Being knowledgeable about what’s Read more…

timeshare scam

Despite what most people think about timeshares, there are still a lot of great timeshare companies out there that offer quality services and deal honestly with their clients.  So, if you were to define the ideal timeshare company, it would Read more…

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scams

How to guard your timeshare memberships from scams Current and future timeshare owners of Villa del Palmar timeshares need to pay close attention to the increase of clever scams that single out people in your interest group. Some may wonder Read more…

Villa Group timeshare membership

Nightmare vacations can easily be avoided with a little common sense. Unless you are involved in a natural disaster, avoiding most nightmare vacations comes down to a little common sense. Here is now you can avoid nightmare vacations in Riviera Read more…

Timeshare resale scammers are on the loose these days. Some Villa del Palmar timeshare owners have been victimized, this is why there is a solid plan to put a stop on this prevailing illegal activity. The Villa Group, in collaboration Read more…

cancel your timeshare

Do you want to cancel your timeshare? If you do, then here’s what to do. Make sure you really want to cancel your timeshare One of the first things you should do when you are wanting to cancel your timeshare Read more…



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